Introducing the Boulevard Tunnel Initiative

Still in its infancy, we are a concerned group of citizens interested in cleaning and restoring the Boulevard underpass (where Boulevard passes under Dekalb Ave between Edgewood and Memorial Drive). Currently the underpass is a sad state, littered with trash, overgrown weeds from the cracks in the sidewalks, broken pedestrian guard rails, and human feces (yes, human). With the explosion of the Edgewood/Boulevard businesses, we would like to make this path much more accessible to residents of Cabbagetown, The Stacks/Fulton Cotton Mill Lofts, and Grant Park.
We envision a three-part project that would take place over the course of months to a year. None of it can start without your help! 
Part One- Community and city clean up: MAY 18th! Residents take to the street on Saturday, May 18th to clean up the trash and pull the weeds. We are working with the City of Atlanta during this time to add new lighting, fix the rails, and patch the sidewalks, making it safer for pedestrians.
Part Two- Decorating! We are proposing a local school competition of student artists to create a living mural for the Boulevard underpass. Teachers and judges will select the winning students. The students will then work with a professional mural artist  on making their vision a reality. The actual painting will be done by professional mural artists, but with student’s visions displayed prominently on the walls for the public to see.
Part Three- Sustainability: If well lit, clean, and painted, we propose the tunnel will see more foot traffic and have less chance of accumulating human feces with bags of trash strewn about. We will need an agreement between the City of Atlanta and other ownership entities (DOT, CSX, etc) on who will maintain the tunnel.

Atlanta’s Public Works department visits the tunnel

Some of our fine Atlanta city officials recently did a site visit to get a good look at the current state of the tunnel. We hope to work with the city of Atlanta, as well as the area neighborhood associations, to make the tunnel safe for pedestrian traffic. One particularly tricky and unsafe spot is the half-wall that hinders visibility to the stairwell leading up to Dekalb Avenue. This is currently on the “wish list.” The City did have several comments about the state of the tunnel and how they can offer help. Interested in the details: Boulevard-DeKalb Avenue Tunnel Inspection
We are currently waiting to hear back from the City on cost estimates for the above repairs.