Miss us?!
Two HUGE announcements:
1. BTI is partnering with Living Walls for a mural along the tunnel! Estimated completion date is April 2014, to be celebrated with a block party expanding from Edgewood to Carol Street. Stay tuned for exciting details!
2. We were just awarded a $2500 grant from the City and NPU-N towards installation of security cameras in the stairwells… reduce the poop. Baby steps!
Thanks for your continued support!


Railings and lights and road work, oh my!

Railings and lights and road work, oh my!

A huge thanks to Natalyn Archibong (City Councilwoman) and Valerie Bell-Smith (Public Works)… BTI met at City Hall yesterday and has confirmed time lines and a plan for lights (on order), railings (replace missing sections, reinforce weak sections, repaint a lovely standard issue green), road work (city is contracting out to have the BTI road repaired and updated over the next several months), and mirrors (Cabbagetown is responsible for hiring a contractor, but Public Works will approve installation in the stairwells for better visibility). We has also scheduled a pressure washing and a monthly maintenance for the weeds overgrowing in the sidewalks.
Further discussions include possible cameras in the stairwells and bike lanes through the tunnel (We will update you over the next couple of months).
Get excited people! And get involved! Fundraising will open soon. Tell your friends.