BTI fundraises for security camera

BTI fundraises for security camera

We worked hard these past few months to fundraise for a $10,500 camera overlooking the stairwells of the Boulevard Tunnel. The camera offers 24hr surveillance and is linked directly to the Atlanta Police Department. There is only a single power pole available, so location is not perfect, but will cover nearly three-quarters of the stairwell area. A HUGE thanks to the following donors:
City of Atlanta, NPU-N grant: $3700
Tom Aderhold, developer for The Stacks: $2000
CNIA/Natalyn Archibong: $1500
CSX Railway: $1500 (promised)
Cabbagetown Initiative (currently pending grant award): $1500
BTI Happy Hour fundraising: $300




Miss us?!
Two HUGE announcements:
1. BTI is partnering with Living Walls for a mural along the tunnel! Estimated completion date is April 2014, to be celebrated with a block party expanding from Edgewood to Carol Street. Stay tuned for exciting details!
2. We were just awarded a $2500 grant from the City and NPU-N towards installation of security cameras in the stairwells… reduce the poop. Baby steps!
Thanks for your continued support!